Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Acting as a responsible “citizen”, DIAKINISIS has displayed concern and sensibility with regard to respecting human values, the progress of society, the support of business activity, the safeguarding of our civilization and environmental protection.

As a result of the above principles, we have developed a corporate culture that enhances the company’s intention to operate Responsibly in every sector considered a vital pillar of sustainable development, and includes the Market, Shareholders, Employees, Society and Environment.

The basic elements of corporate culture described in the Group’s «Business Code of Conducts” which analyzes the principles of corporate governance applied by the Group, as well as the basic values respected by employees and management, are Transparency, Integrity , Commitment, Trust, Teamwork and Creativity.

People oriented

DIAKINISIS follows a fully anthropocentric model of operation. Basic corporate priority is occupational Security and Hygiene, and provides the necessary Personal Protection Equipment, proper training and continuous monitoring of safety regulations applications, not only by its employees, but also by its partners.

The company follows mutually beneficial tactics to enrich the know-how and skills of its employees through targeted training sessions.

In addition, its anthropocentric character is expressed in action by respecting rules related to equality in regards to gender, sexual orientation or religion, as well as the absolute exclusion of every form of forced or illegal labor.

The five basic values mentioned above are strictly respected by the Management and protected in dayly interaction between employees.

Society oriented

DIAKINISIS operates with the consistency of a responsible citizen, not only as an employer, but also as a partner.

As a responsible employer, DIAKINISIS offers additional standard benefits to its employees at every given opportunity.
DIAKINISIS never misses an opportunity to support society, either by participating in social support programs like providing food for Aspropyrgos students, but also by aiding Non-Governmental Organizations like: THE SMILE OF THE CHILD, FRIENDS OF MERIMNA (Thessaloniki), GREEK RED CROSS, THEOFILOS, FRIENDS OF THE CHILD, etc.

Finally, DIAKINISIS is also sensitive towards our four legged friends by offering them hospitality, food and vaccination.

Environment oriented

Protecting and caring for the environment is of great importance to us.

We implement a strategy for sustainable development. Our practices are based on the environmental politics outlined in the Environmental Management System, certified according the ISO 14001:2004 standards.

We have installed photovoltaic systems, replaced electric lamps with energy saving LEDs and are use systems of low energy profile. We execute combined transporting routes thus avoiding empty load truck returns and use digital cloud technologies.

Furthermore, DIAKINISIS regularly applies recycling policies for every type of solid waste generated as a result of the company’s activities, like recycling material, batteries, lubricants, etc. and systematically monitors the consumption in electricity and water.