DIAKINISIS, the largest logistics company in Greece, has once more pioneered by contributing strategically to the creation of a «Platform of pan-European supply chain applications» and the making of an environmental and innovative research, by participating in a European Project under the nameSELIS

Towards a Shared European
Logistics Intelligent Information Space

The project…

  • Will engulf a wide range of perspectives and create a unified, innovative business and strategic program for a Pan-European “green supply chain”.
  • Will create an exceptionally powerful association of supply chain (logistics) operators, by using EU directives and copyrights of over 40 pan-European projects, to create a common platform of supply chain applications and services.

Most important benefits for our Partners:

  • Better logistics in general
  • Better understanding of the procedures and order tracking
  • Minimizing total order-delivery time
  • Minimizing lack of in-stock products
  • Minimizing operational expenses
  • Minimizing transportation cost
  • Minimizing environmental pollution (less carbon dioxide emissions)