Why choose Diakinisis

Why choose Diakinisis

The selection of a COMPETENT Partner in the supply chain, either for WAREHOUSING, DISTRIBUTION, REPACAKGING or FORWARDING, is of strategic importance to your business!

If you are in the search for a committed and trustworthy partner with INTEGRITY, TRANSPARENCY and CREATIVITY …

…look no further. We provide the missing link to complete your market image with the ability to get the job done for you , your way!

We offer our services, following strict regulations and always within the necessary legal frame, guaranteeing high quality, maximum insurance that only DIAKINISIS can provide, and most importantly, operate throughout the country no matter the size of the work project.

We offer One-Stop-Shop services 24X7, guaranteeing ONE partner, ONE Transportation Plan, ONE invoice, therefore significantly improving the handling cost for our clients, while offering the most competitive prices in the market.

We guarantee achieving the highest qualitative indicators, event when handling the most complex projects, constantly investing in infrastructure, personnel, technology and security systems that fully satisfy the needs of our clients.

Only DIAKINISIS can offer all of the above in seamlessly COMBINED..