The rooting and loading procedures adhere to the most advanced technical means, allowing us to optimize and safely handle the crucial task of product distribution to our clients in 25.000 unique delivery points throughout Greece.

Boxes / year
Deliveries / year
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different delivery points throughout Greece

Our associate agents are selected based on our strict standards of maintaining a high quality service. Furthermore, our transportation fleet meets or surpasses EURO-5 specs. Vehicles are monitored via telematics technologies ensuring that they follow the pre designated route or any possible out of schedule stops.

We deliver full or part loads; we make special type deliveries, as well as deliveries of small parcels in B2C projects. We offer the possibility of electronically monitoring each stop (proof of visit) and/or delivery (proof of delivery). We offer the possibility of collecting or giving cash on delivery as might be predetermined accordingly, as well as handle the returns of packaging materials, and good or damaged products.