We are your #1 choice in repackaging

We will Spare No Expense that might degrade the quality standards of our Repackaging Services. With a production volume of over 30million SKU’s per year, we are your #1 choice in repackaging as well.We utilize modern production lines, fully trained permanent personnel and an award winning know-how.
We cover a full scope of market repackaging services and aim at minimizing the wastage of your products!

We differ as a result of our:

Repackaging Services

Manual Applications

  • Labeling(Promo sticker, bc, greek,importer,free distribution, etc.)
  • Stand arrangement–product placement
  • Mixed case – creation and handling of new lot
  • Display box arrangement – product placement
  • Window box
  • Picking, special picking

Automated Applications

  • Full shrink
  • Open side shrink sleeve
  • Flow pack
  • Steam shrink sleeve
  • Sleeve application in heating shrinking oven
  • Netting
  • Strapping