Value Added Services

Value Added Services

DIAKINISIS is the Partner you can rely on, by offering crucial added value services to upgrade your Business!

Electronic Archive of Documentations (Receipts, Invoices)

All original, signed by the receiver documentation, is digitalized and registered on a special data base, allowing for easy access and archiving. We offer our depositors, the possibility to use search engine and reporting tools upon request.

Customer Service Call Center

A trained call-center team, utilizing modern IT and telecommunications systems, handles the two-way communication process, between your company and your clients.

Tracking System

You or your clients, can update at any time the status of your delivery order, be informed about time of expected delivery and other delivery details through the special electronic data platform of DIAKINISIS.

Additionally, all loads of high value are tracked via satellite (number of stops, temperature and humidity levels, etc.)

Cash on Delivery

DIAKINISIS will not only guarantee a safe and on time delivery of goods, but will also handle cash on delivery payments according to the needs of each project (cash, credit/debit card).


Our Product Safety Return Services, offer the trading insurance you require, by guaranteeing the fastest and most effective execution of this difficult procedure.

Hiring of premises and office spaces

If you are searching for your company’s backup operations plan, in case of an unlikely catastrophic event, DIAKINISIS offers the space, the office equipment and specialized technical personnel needed, to keep your business up and running.

Special Loads Transportation

Transportation is our second nature. No matter how small or big is the project, we will come through within the time frame required and the objectives set. Particularly in the case of special loads, loads that need even more attention or require add on services (machinery, merchandise of special dimensions, department assembly or stores etc.), DIAKINISIS has the necessary experience to carry the job.